20X22X1 Disposable Panel Poly

Disposable Panel Filter, PolyStrand Media, 20 Inch L x 22 Inch W x 1 Inch T, 300 fpm, MERV 4


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Purolator Filters

Disposable, 20 Inch Length, 22 Inch Width, 1 Inch Thickness, 300 fpm, MERV: 4, Synthetic Media, Craftboard Body

This disposable panel filter has set the standard for quality and durability. This rigidly constructed air filter maintains its integrity where others fall short. Always the highest quality Synthetic disposable panel filters have metal grids on both the air entry and the air leaving sides. The standard size filter element shall be constructed of a single piece of heavy duty, one piece craftboard frame. The metal grid shall be thermally bonded internally to the frame. The metal grid shall be 28 ga and provide 82% open area all corners shall be closed and sealed. The filter media shall be constructed in a progressively dense fashion from air entering to air leaving side. The Synthetic filter media shall be made from fibers completely coated with a polyester coating. Synthetic disposable panel filters shall be rated to withstand temperatures up to 180 deg F.

Progressively dense Synthetic media
Heavy duty construction
Thermally bonded

Standard/Approvals: UL Listed