BTSDL01 Daikin Bluetooth Shared Data Loader

Daikin BTSDL01 Bluetooth Shared Data Loader


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Daikin BTSDL01 Bluetooth Shared Data Loader


What is Shared Data?

There are many different models of equipment offered under the ComfortNet™ and ComfortBridge™ platforms; however, all these models use only a small handful of control boards. To make sure each control board can work inside its intended chassis, we load each board with a small amount of chassis-specific data when the equipment is assembled.

When the equipment is installed, this chassis data is copied over to any other connected communicating equipment and saved there in case some parts need to be replaced at a later date. Because this data is shared by other equipment on the same network, we call it “Shared Data.”

This means if only one part needs to be replaced in a system, it’s likely the Shared Data will automatically be loaded from the existing equipment. However, if multiple parts need to be replaced all at once and the system loses all the places where this Shared Data is stored, Shared Data will need to be reloaded to make sure the freshly installed parts are compatible with the existing equipment.