Honeywell T991A1012 Proportional Temperature Controller

The Honeywell T991A1012 is a modulating remote bulb temperature controller that provides proportional control of water or air temperature in ducts, tanks, and similar applications.


Manufacturer part number:






• Fast response models (for duct mounting) have coiled sensing element giving at least four times faster response than standard models
• Ambient temperature compensated for the case and tubing
• Sensing element capillary tubing allows remote mounting of sensing element
• Throttling dial inside case adjusts proportional throttling range
• Setpoint may be read and adjusted through cover


• Manufacturer Part Number: T991A1012/U
• Type: Modulating Remote Bulb
• Family Series: Honeywell Controllers, T991A Proportional Controller Series
• Number of Sensor Inputs: 1
• Output: 135 Ohm Potentiometer
• Max Temperature: 125 °F
• Setpoint Temp Range: 0-100 °F
• Sensor Element: Copper Bulb
• Capillary Length: 20 '
• Net Weight: 1.35 lbs
• Gross Weight: 0.1063 lbs

Applications: The Honeywell T991A1012 is ideal for use in HVAC systems, process control, and industrial automation applications where precise temperature control is required.

Note: Please refer to the product manual and datasheet for detailed installation and operation instructions.