Motor Protection Control ICM492

Motor Protection Control ICM492 Single Phase Digital Line Voltage Monitor


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ICM Controls

The ICM492 constantly monitors line voltage and protects single-phase equipment against low and high voltage conditions, and rapid short cycling due to voltage fault or power interruption. Its easy-view, backlit digital display makes it user friendly to read and monitor voltage conditions, and adjust parameters to meet specific needs

  • Protects Against Over and Under Voltage, and Rapid Short Cycling caused by Transient Faults and Power Interruptions
  • Easy-view, Backlit Digital Display
  • RMS Voltage Monitoring
  • Adjustable Voltage Set Point
  • Adjustable Over Voltage Setting
  • Adjustable Under Voltage Setting
  • Adjustable Anti-Short Cycle Time Delay
  • Adjustable Response Time
  • Control Mode
  • 5-Fault Memory
  • Universal Line voltage Input
  • Heavy Duty SPDT Relay Output
  • Universal Control Voltage Input for integrating a thermostat
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