Sporlan 470107

Sporlan Suction Line Accumulator, 3 Inch Dia x 10.35 Inch H, 5/8 Inch ODF Inlet x 5/8 Inch ODF Outlet, Brass


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Parker Hannifin

Sporlan Suction Line Accumulator, 3 Inch Dia, 10.35 Inch Height, 1.54 ton R-22 and R-404A, 0.98 ton R-134A, 1.06 ton R-401A, 1.97 ton R-402A and R-407C, 1.93 ton R-410A, 1.48 ton R-502 and R-507A Refrigerant Holding, 5/8 Inch ODF Inlet, 5/8 Inch ODF Outlet, Brass

The Parker U tube accumulator design is a result of extensive laboratory testing plus detailed investigation of the various accumulators currently available. It takes into account all of the requirements essential for heat pump applications, including safe holding volume (relative to the system is total charge), protected flow control for positive refrigerant and oil return, and minimum pressure drop across the accumulator.

  • Solid copper connections
  • U tube design for maximum flow of refrigerant and minimum oil entrapment
  • Inlet flow deflector guides refrigerant toward wall for smooth tangential flow and gradual expansion
  • U tube entrance is positioned behind the inlet flow deflector to prevent unwanted liquid refrigerant from entering and damaging compressor
  • Metering orifice matched to system capacity assures optimum liquid refrigerant and oil flow back to compressor
  • Protective screen and orifice assembly on U tube protects against foreign particles and contaminants affecting metering function
  • Fittings and U tube are matched to accumulator holding capacity and total system charge for minimum pressure drop and maximum refrigerant flow
  • Powder paint exterior coating surpasses 500 hr ASTM salt spray tests
  • Integral 430 deg F fuse plugs
  • 680 psi working pressure



Standard/Approvals: UL Listed

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Diameter3 Inch
Height10.35 Inch
Inlet Size5/8 Inch ODF
ManufacturerParker Hannifin
Outlet Size5/8 Inch ODF