Taco 438-2

Taco® 438-2 Tank Fitting with Drain and Shutoff Valve, 1 Inch NPT, 125 psi, 240 deg F, Cast Bronze


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Taco® Tank Fitting, 1 Inch NPT, 125 psi, 240 deg F, Cast Bronze, Includes: (1) 12-1/4 and (1) 6 Inch Air Tube Extension

Taco® tank drains and fittings give you effective air control in your hydronic systems by maintaining adequate air cushion to provide sufficient pressurization against all fluctuations of water level. Since air can be absorbed in water, the Taco® tank fitting maintains collected air within the pressure tank. All free and entrained air collected by an air separator or other air collection device is routed through the fitting, allowing air to pass freely into the pressure tank.

Products specifications
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MaterialCast Bronze
Specifications1 Inch NPT, 125 psi, 240 deg F